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Protect98 - Thermal Scanning


Peace of Mind

Whether you are interested in the health and
safety of your customers, your employees,
your students or your family, the Protect98
can help you monitor the temperature of
incoming individuals or groups fast,
efficiently and with no contact necessary.
Paired with existing access control or
automatic entry solution, you can rest assured
that your visitors and your staff are safe and
assured of their fellow occupants.

Features & Specifications

  • Measure body temperature for individual or group and give a clear audible and visual indication of pass/fail.

  • IP65 Rating – dust-tight/water-resistant.

  • Auxiliary relay – selectable N.O. or N.C.

  • Weigand 26/34 bit In/Out connection.

  • Facial Recognition (30,000 individual databases)


"Health Screening will be a major part of providing a safe space for conducting Business"

Prepared for reopening?

SAIA Health Solutions can assist you in giving employees clients, and visitors a sense of good health and safety. The Protect98 can automatically screen each person and assist with maintaining safe access.

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