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GrandCare Systems is a caregiving tool that is designed to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes by enabling designated family members, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to remotely care for an individual in a residence, regardless of geographic location. The heart of GrandCare is a large touchscreen in the residence, which provides the individual with social communications, instructions, reminders and medication prompts. No computer skills are needed for the resident to fully engage in all of the touchscreen features.

Features: Activity Monitoring - Digital Health - Medication Monitoring - Socialization

Great for: Family Caregivers, Home Care Providers, Senior Communities, Healthcare and ACO'S, and Hospice Providers

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Freeus Belle+

Freeus Belle+ is a fall detection device with GPS and 2-Way Communication. Belle is lightweight and easy to wear and is even water-resistant. A rechargeable battery allows Belle to last for us to 30 days before being easily charged in its dock.

Belle Includes:

Speaker allows for clear audio through its high-quality speaker

Call Button one press of the button and you will be promptly transferred to a specialist

Battery Light illuminates when Belle needs to be recharged

Call Light illuminates when a call is in progress

Microphone allows for clear communication between the user and a specialist

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