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Saia Electric Inc

SAIA Health Solutions
SAIA Health Solutions
Our turnkey health monitoring system allows the elderly or developmentally disabled to preserve independence and freedom by creating a "triangle of care” that connects family members, caregivers and their loved-ones via a single touch-screen unit and an Internet connection. SAIA Health Solutions is a first-to-market provider whose flexible technology can support a single-family home or multiple units in a large facility. Completely scalable and individually customized, SAIA Health Solutions is an alternative for families facing assisted living costs, and for professional caregivers who want to increase the quality and efficiency of care delivery.

SAIA Health Solutions is a Health Care Technology company partnering with the leading providers of health care solutions and services. As a sales, marketing, installation and support company, we will provide solutions for:

· Health Plan Providers

· Hospitals

· Managed Care Organizations (MCO's)

· Assisted and Independent Living Facilities

· Home Based Care Organizations

· Individuals/Families